Thursday, August 13, 2009

Show & Tell

I made this shrug for Holland using some gorgeous cream-colored bamboo which I had left over from a bridal shrug. It drapes beautifully and is so lightweight and...well, gorgeous! :) This is my Victorian baby shrug pattern, only in a size 2. I plan to rewrite the pattern to include sizes baby to adult.
I also tried to felt a project for the 1st time. But no success, probably because the yarn I used wasn't 100% wool. I will try again with a different yarn. This little piggy is a pattern by Vicky Lewis which I bought from her Etsy shop. I love the shape of it. I did this little guy in fingering yarn using a d hook and made a few other little edits. Great pattern overall. :)


  1. I LOVE this Lisa! Perhaps one for Little Kiwi's Nest?!?

  2. Yeah, that would be a good idea...if I can find the time amid all my designing projects. :)