Sunday, October 25, 2009


This week I will be busy stitching samples for my very first crochet pattern book, to be produced by American craft book publisher, DRG Networks. It will feature 9 of my baby shoe patterns. Today I went yarn shopping hoping to find just the right yarn weights and colors for my samples.
I've also designed a new baby hat this weekend and the pattern will be up in my shop in the next day or two. It coordinates with one of my baby shoe patterns...just a hint. :)
Oma, I started your sweater this weekend also. I finally know what pattern I'm going to use and it is about 1% finished. :) I'll keep you updated on its progress.


  1. CONGRATS!!!WAY tO GO LISA!... can't wait to get a copy of that pattern book:)Will have to check out the new pattern too,my family is having a HOLLAND DESIGNS christmas, thank you for such cute easy to red patterns!

    Can't wait to see pics of oyur Oma's sweater too.:)

  2. oops "easy to READ patterns:)Best Wishes looking forward to new patterns & book!