Friday, February 19, 2010

New Youth Sizes

Yesterday I was asked if my "watermelon cuties" would be available in youth sizes by the mom of a little girl who was just dying to have a pair. :) I've never offered youth sizes before, but yesterday I came up with a basic youth-size sole, similar to my ladies sole - only in a narrower width. It's designed so you can customize the length - making it so easy to get a perfect fit! This will now make it easy for me to offer youth sizes in my other slipper designs. All I need now is a youth-size foot model...


  1. Oh, I'm happy to hear this. :) Bailey is 19 months old now. I saw this pattern on ravelry and thought "Oh no, Bailey won't be able to wear Lisa's designs anymore!" So I was really happy to see this post.

  2. Can always send them to Willow, She makes a pretty good foot model, lol although she will expect a pair and not the Cinderella one, :-)

  3. Wow, so happy that you decided to make youth sizes! My daughter is 3,5 so the baby sizes don't fit her anymore, but i really love your designs! can't wait for more youth sizes, hugs from Amsterdam, Sascha.