Thursday, April 15, 2010

Today's Project

I'm taking a break from designing to complete some custom projects. Today I made this rosebud baby set for a lady here in Auckland and took the chance to create some new listing photos for this pattern. The beanie is a modified version of my fascinator beanie - with accent stitching on the brim and a sweet little rosebud. :)
Next on the custom item "to do" list are a couple seamless cardis and a victorian shrug.


  1. Hi Lisa. I lost your new, well it's not so new anymore, email address that you emailed a few MONTHS ago! Bummer! Can you resend that to me via my email? Sorry to have to ask you via your blog, but it was hhe easiest way that I could think of!

  2. ~Beautiful set! so love the colours and sweet dainty styling!Great stuff Lisa:)