Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mock Cable-Knit Crochet

Recently I've been creating some new knit-look designs that use a simple combination of basic crochet stitches. These patterns involve no post stitches and of course, no knitting! This unique crochet cable technique creates a lightweight fabric and uses less yarn than traditional cable patterns.
Mock Cable-Knit Cardigan


  1. LOVE that beautiful cardigan. I have been wanting to get started on a new cardigan for my youngest daughter and this gives me inspiration. Thanks!


  2. hi..the cardigan is very nice :) like it so much

  3. I love your work! Anyway, heard you were preggo again and wanted to say CONGRATS! When are you due and do you know what you're having? We're having another one...due around June, so we just recently found out.

  4. Oh, congratulations! I love the sweater. Is the pattern available somewhere? I've bought patterns from you before, but usually through Ravelry, and once recently through your email promo. My first granddaughter is going on two and there is a new baby girl, 3 weeks old now, for me to make things for. I bought your lace confection hat to make for her and love the little matching jumper the baby is wearing in the pic! Do you have a pattern for the jumper as well? Where can I find it if you do?