Friday, January 30, 2009

Just Like Aunt Mary!

Yesterday I designed a baby version of my adult Skimmer T-Strap Ballet Flats pattern. They turned out so sweet; I made them to fit my daughter, Holland, rather than making the usual newborn size. This pattern is so easy to adjust and can fit baby age newborn to 12 mos +.

Holland just learned to walk and that makes these slippers extra special! When I tried them on her, she sat still so nicely for me and seemed so pleased! She just knew these were her special slippers...just like the ones I had made for her Aunt Mary...only smaller. :)
When I took photos of her wearing them, she was so good! I remember when she was a baby and she'd kick her feet so much, all the photos would turn out blurry. Now she seems to know that mommy is doing a "photo shoot" and sits still and enjoys having her picture taken. Now if only I could get her to smile instead of looking so serious! :)

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  1. Oh it looks gorgeous on her sweet...Seema