Monday, January 5, 2009

My Favorite Wedding Photo

We have just had a beautiful long weekend together as a family - my husband, my daughter and I. The weather has been gorgeous...well, a bit muggy...but we can't complain! Summer is so lovely here in New Zealand.
I was going through a few photos and found this one of our wedding - March 11, 2007. I crocheted the jacket I am wearing by hand and it took me a few months. It cost me $5 to make the top and I found my dress at Ross for $20, and I just added some lace to the hem to lengthen it. I love the old-fashioned clothing styles of the regency era and couldn't find anything I liked among modern style wedding dresses. Besides, it was nice to save $ on the dress and spend it on our honeymoon in Rarotonga instead. :) (That's one of the Cook Islands - about a 3 hour flight from New Zealand - think a less-commercialized version of Tahiti!) :)

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