Thursday, March 12, 2009

Restaurant Reviews

I was husband took me out for dinner to celebrate our anniversary. Holland came too...we like taking her with us rather than getting a baby sitter because she's such a good girl in restaurants and we really enjoy her company. :)

We went to a place we really love called Basalt located in Howick, about a 30 minute drive from us :) If you're ever in Howick...we recommend it.

Speaking of Howick...interesting thing...there is another restaurant nearby called "Wisconsin Burger." Now, being a Wisconsin girl myself, the fact that there is this burger chain in New Zealand called "Wisconsin Burger" which displays a big story about how hamburgers were apparently invented in Wisconsin...I can't help but wonder...

1) Why don't we Wisconsinites know this?
2) Why don't we have a chain called "Wisconsin Burger" in Wisconsin of all places??

The restaurant has amazing, huge gormet hamburgers...which I would also highly recommend. :)


  1. Hey sis... actually, many Wisconsinites do know this. Seymour, Wisconsin (the home of the hamburger) has a big celebration every summer! Nice to see pictures of your family here. Sounds like you're doing well. We're doing well too. We're on facebook...check us out! Love you, your big brother Pete.

  2. Oh...okay, why didn't this Wisconsinite know then? :) I stand corrected.