Friday, June 12, 2009

Baby Hedgehog

Yesterday I crocheted this cute little guy. His "spines" are easy to make and are similar to what I did on my Calendar Baby Bear Hat. I thought of letting Holland keep him as a toy, but she kept saying "no" and throwing him on the ground, so I took that to mean she didn't like him. :) Though she did try to feed him crackers at one point. :)

So, I put him up for sale on Etsy and he is now on his way to live with a new family in Italy. A man bought it for his wife who just happens to collect hedgehogs (no, not real ones of course!)


  1. Oh I just missed it. Been busy this past week and wasn't able to look at the site :(.
    I think the Hedgehog is adorable!
    Ps How is Opa and Oma did they enjoyed there stay?


  2. Your little hedgehog is so cute! And your daughter is just the sweetest!

  3. Oh he is cute so precious, love him.