Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crochet News

Here are a few of my recent designs...

- Rosebud Baby Shoes
- Ladies Cross-Strap Ballet Flats
- Crochetbury Lambie
I made the baby shoes for my friend's new baby girl, Ruby Lyn and she said they're "divine", which seems to be her favorite word when commenting on my patterns. :)
I will have a free pattern coming out in the fall on Petite Purls which I really love and hope you will too! Also, I will most likely be publishing several of my crochet patterns in book form sometime soon! :) I'll post more definite details on my blog once I know them.


  1. A book?! Really?! I can hardly wait! How exciting!

  2. Love all your new designs :). Can't wait to see your pattern on Petite Purls! And a book?! How wonderful!

  3. We've discovered yet another discrepancy between American and English spelling...and here I thought they just couldn't spell!