Friday, July 24, 2009

My New Etsy Shop
I opened a new Etsy shop yesterday expressly for my "amigurumi" patterns. Most of you probably know that means little stuffed crocheted animals, dolls, etc. :) It is a hard word to spell and I'm not sure I've got it memorized yet. I'd like to see that word in a national spelling bee sometime. :)

I decide
d to open the new shop so I'll be inspired to add some new amigurumi designs and so they won't get lost among all the baby shoes :) To celebrate, I've added my "Call me Cordelia" Anne of Green Gables doll pattern to my free pattern downloads.
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  1. Ha! I like your thoughts about the word "amigurumi." It took me the longest time just to figure out how to pronounce it :). Congrats on your new shop and thanks for sharing your doll pattern.