Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Manning the Shop"

Lisa & Holland are having a great time in Wisconsin shoveling snow. I am here at home "manning" the shop. It has been really busy, I hope that our customers have not had to wait too long for the delivery of their patterns. I can tell you that I have spent all the profit this month, check out the nice road bike that I have just purchased - don't tell Lisa!


  1. Oh, you're too funny! :) I have missed her posts so I was appeased by reading your comical one. ;) She'll be proud!

  2. Excellent post! yes ,I second melinda, I have missed Lisa's posts as well.So glad they are having a great time on holidays though! Love the post so funny & nice ride. We also are shoveling lots of snow here in interior BC.:)

  3. HeHeHe! I love it! Lisa's gonna be hopping mad! But you can tell her it's red, and I'm sure that makes it go faster. Hope the girls are having a fab holiday.