Friday, December 4, 2009

Moose A. Moose

Today I made a Moose...but not just any moose! I custom-designed this crochet amigurumi version of the character "Moose A. Moose" from Noggin for a lady on Etsy. Her granddaughter just adores Moose A. Moose and she wanted to make one for her...but could not find any patterns. It was a fun little project and a nice way to test out the limits of my amigurumi-designing abilities, since as you can see, he's got a rather complicated shape! Holland has been saying "moose" and carrying him around by his antlers.


  1. I had to look up his character online to see what he looks like. He's an odd looking creature, isn't he? You captured him perfectly, though - great job!

  2. EXCELLENT!!! Being from Northern BC,Canada...he is such a cutey moose! It is so hard to find any moose patterns or toys and your Moose.A.Moose character form Noggin is just as Melinda says'You Captured him perfectly"....super job:)