Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Little Mischief

I'm very happy to report that my lost crochet hook has finally been found by my husband--now I need to think of a reward for him. :) Holland has learned recently how to put things in the garbage and although the hook didn't quite make it into the garbage (thankfully!), it was found very close by! It must be a phase. She is having fun taking clothes out of drawers and trying to put them back in. This morning, as I was working on the soles for some custom daisy baby flip flops, she almost put one in my morning coffee cup! Fortunately, I caught it in time before it fell in! Her daddy calls her "Little Mischief!" and the name fits!
Soon her Opa and Oma from the Netherlands will be here to visit us. They haven't seen Holland in 7 months, so we are looking forward to the reunion. I've been requested to make some slippers for Oma before she comes...luckily I have that favorite crochet hook of mine now to make them!

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