Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Slipper Swap

I was recently invited to join a slipper swap group on Ravelry. I suppose it's because I have quite a few slipper patterns and they think I like to make slippers! :)
It's quite a neat idea really...I'll be given the name, address, shoe size, favorite color, etc. of a random person from the group to make a pair of crocheted slippers for. My name will be given to another random member of the I'll never know who will be making slippers for me, or when they might arrive on my door step!
I may come up with a new slipper design for this and name them..."The Slipper Swap Slippers" or something. :)
Today I finally made the adult version of my flower petal mary janes. It's gotten a little chilly in NZ and these will keep my toes nice and warm!


  1. Wow, Lisa. Those are adorable!!!I like your work. (Holland is beautiful!)

  2. Love em! Very cute! I'm sure your swap partner will too!

  3. oooo, Lisa those are awesome! So cute!