Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Little Crochet Princess

It is hat and scarf weather here in New Zealand! The other night Holland helped her Daddy pull a carrot out of the garden...a rather large carrot! :)
Holland now has her very own "Sydnee Rose Hat" from my crochet princess collection. My husband loved how well she looked in it and insisted I make one for her too. (The original hat was designed for a friend's daughter.)
I found some lovely rose-coloured yarn to make Holland's in. I am planning to design a coordinating sweater set ("jersey" as Kiwi's say) to go with this hat.
Opa & Oma from the Netherlands will be here to visit us in a couple days. Holland will have to take good care of Oma, as we hear she has twisted her ankle. Poor Oma!


  1. Cute hat!!! That is a HUGE carrot! My parent's are Opa and Oma for the grandkids too.

  2. Thanks. :) I've been meaning to email you...and will get around to it eventually. :)

  3. Holland looks adorable in her pretty little hat. Looking forward to seeing the sweater set!