Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Crafty at 19 Months

Holland and I are making a teddy bear this morning. Okay, I am making a teddy bear, but Holland, at 19 months, is really attempting to get involved! Last week she said "hook" for the 1st time and today she took the half-finished teddy bear from me, grabbed my hook and said "help." She then tried to put the hook through teddy's nose, as she'd just seen me embroidering it on. Now she's run off with the crochet hook stuck through the teddy's head! In a few more months I'm sure she'll be making her own amigurumi crochet patterns! :)
Will post photos of our little teddy later...once I get the hook back from Holland!


  1. I love Holland's and your teddy bear. :) He is so very cute. Holland is really growing. I can see it with every photo you post. It's amazing, these little ones, how fast they grow, change, and learn.

  2. I can say the same of Bailey...she's getting so big and such a little sweetie! :)

  3. What a dashing lil bear! Sure love that Holland loves your work:) I really enjoy the way you share your new projects and include Holland. Also the way you write your blog, as if it was a personal conversation.;)Makes great reading over coffee;) Thank you for sharing!So excited to see what you create next!