Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Events & Happenings

Wahoo!! Last Friday I officially signed the contract for my baby shoe book with Annie's Attic, so that felt really nice! :)

This past weekend we took Holland to an "A&P" (agriculture and produce) show in Clevedon and she loved seeing the sheep, baby lambs, bunnies, chickens, etc. It was a lot of fun...but unfortunately we forgot the camera, so no photos to share. I met a few ladies from a local knit/crochet group who were showing off their handiwork, so it was nice to meet some local crafters.

Sadly, today I sold my Crochetbury Koskeshi Dolls - designer sample set on Little Kiwis Nest. Holland played with them while I was getting them packaged up to mail. She kept saying "oh dolly, oh dolly!" so I felt bad about selling them as she really loved them. Oh, well, mommy can make more! Today I am making some little penguins and will post some photos later...


  1. So exciting about book! ....So sweet about dolls.Maybe Holland will have a stocking full for christmas of lil Koskeshi's:)
    My girls keep finding my craft basket:) making some matroshyka dolls for them and my nieces..and well I have to keep looking for the latest doll..the twins hide it, trying to keep them now:)your patterns are a hit here.Can't wait to see penguins:)

  2. Congrats on being published. Quite the accomplishment!